Belle Plaine Gardens

Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, Canada
(306) 501-9213
Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Saturdays (June - September)

Introducing Frankie and Martha Tschetter from the Belle Plaine Colony


As their name suggests, Belle Plaine Colony is located just outside of Belle Plaine, SK (~ 40 mins West of Regina) and have been attending the Regina Farmers’ Market since 2002. Frankie has also shared, Belle Plaine Colony has been vending at farmers’ markets since the 1980’s! Most often recognized for their 30ft table of colourful and fresh produce, Belle Plain Colony is long-time friend and vendor of the Regina Farmers’ Market. 


Belle Plaine Colony typically offers a variety of fresh seasonal produce, everything from peas, to strawberries, to corn. Their usual beautiful spread of market fruits and veggies is largely due to the special care Martha generously brings to each market. From planting, to hand weeding and hand picking only the best items are rinsed off and packed for the market. Be sure to say a friendly hello at the Belle Plaine booth when you pick-up your fresh, farmers’ market produce.


Best Known For: Fresh Seasonal Produce