Belle Plaine Gardens

Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, Canada
(306) 501-9213
Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Saturdays (June - September)

With their 30-foot spread of fresh farm veggies, Belle Plaine Colony has become a common customer request during our outdoor season. Hailing from the town of Belle Plaine, colony members Frankie and his wife Martha have been vending at market since 2002. According to Frankie, the colony itself has been vending at markets for 45 years. Not only is Belle Plaine big on farming and fresh garden produce, but they’re also big on livestock with 3,000 head of cattle to tend to. Quite a lot for a colony of 85 people!





  • full selection of vegetables

  • bedding plants

  • hanging plants


Belle Plain at the Market
Caraflex Cabbage