Cheang's Sinofood

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
(306) 536-4189

Market Attendance:
outdoor - most Wednesdays & Saturdays
indoor - most Saturdays

Delicious Chinese food made by a chef from China. Various kinds of dumplings, noodles and sticky rice are made fresh, fully cooked and then frozen for convenience. All you need to do is reheat and serve!





  • dumplings (pork, veggie or sui mai)

  • steamed buns (BBQ pork or curry chicken)

  • sticky rice (classic, sweet coconut or Zongzi)

  • rice bowls (chicken, beef or pork)

  • noodle bowls (chicken, beef or pork)

  • corned beef noodles

  • moon cakes

  • nougat


steamed buns
beef rice bowl
sept9:15 - cheang's siu mai
curried chicken steamed buns
won ton noodle soup