Kind Bee Farms

Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Saturday Pop-Ups

Introducing David and Layne Kushniruk of Kind Bee Farms 


Meet David and Layne, owners and operators of Kind Bee Farms. Together, they attend the farmers' market with bee houses and cocooned (live) leafcutter bees, (rather than the assumed honey!). Since 1990 David and Layne have been sharing their knowledge about pollination and leafcutter bees across Saskatchewan and North America! You can help save the bees and keep your garden fruitful with these pollinators. For those with pets and children, good news: leafcutter bees are gentle bees and do not have a queen to protect, this means they will be too busy working on the leaves to worry about stings. There is no guarantee the leafcutter bees will never sting, but in general they are much too busy working and overall a more gentle demeanor compared to the protective honeybees. 


Kind Bee Farms brings wooden bee homes to the farmres' market and share their expertise to allow you to transform into a beekeeper without the hard work! Just set up your bee home outdoors, lift the cocoon lid and watch these bees do their work! We hope you enjoy your "Bee Kits" with a Bee home and leafcutter bees as much as we have! For questions, be sure to ask Layne and David.


Best Known For: Pollinator House Kits + Leaf Cutter Bees