Red Barn Family Farm

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Wadena, SK

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Introducing: Charlotte + Dale of Red Barn Family Farm


Based in Wadena, SK Charlotte and Dale own and operate their family business: Red Barn Family Farm. Previous generations of their family farm focused on grain farming, but in 2012 they took a new direction to include raising sheep. As previous grain farmers, their flock lives outdoors on nutrient-rich pastures that they graze in rotation. When it comes to raising their sheep flock, sustainability is at the forefront. It is important to maintain natural habitat and waterways for efficient land use, and they rely on livestock guardian dogs to protect their flock.


As their sheep business has grown, they reached out to expand into the Reigna area and 2022 marked their start of their journey at the Regina Farmers' Market bringing Saskatchewan raised high quality, Sask-raised lamb. Did you know their sheep don’t have wool?! They are hair sheep, which means they shed their coats plus this breed is also known for having a mild flavour. If you are new to lamb, or if you have a bad experience, we invite you to try Red Barn's because they have changed many minds as to the flavour of lamb. Plus with some of their thaw, heat, and serve products, they make quality lamb very accessible and easy to enjoy. 


Best Known For: Sask-Raised Lamb


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