Waldeck Colony

Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Wednesdays (starting in July) & Saturdays (June - October)
Indoor - Occasionally

Introducing Willie + the Team of Waldeck Colony


If you have attended the Regina Farmers' Market, you have likely been greeted by the friendly team of Waldeck Colony. The Waldeck Hutterite Colony is located just outside of Waldeck Saskatchewan, 18 kms northeast of Swift Current. Regardless of the weather, they are known to be on time and show up consistently at markets. Most often lead by Willie and Pete, they have been a familiar face at RFM since they began attending in 1980 with tables full of fresh produce and veggies. They work very hard and are always a joy to visit with! 


Don't be surprised when they ask you to try some of their carrots! They are always generous and genuinely loves sharing their produce at the market. A great taster and you're likely to also have a full bag of produce before you leave! For the insider scoop, they are known for tasty fresh potatoes, sweet carrots over the winter months (and year-round!) and especially corn in the summer months. Rain or shine markets, the Waldeck Colony is a great stop for fresh and seasonal produce. Although not on social media, they can be reached by phone call for any direct inquiries. 


Best Known For: Fresh Veggies