Celebrity Pie Eating Contest Rules and Taron's Awesome Playlist!

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Celebrity Pie Eating Contest Rules and Taron's Awesome Playlist!

This graphic is excellent! I always wondered what the favourite pies are. I looked through here and we have 7 of the 10 favourites at the Market. Pretty good. I wouldn't mind trying a Market Key Lime Pie, I better talk to one of the bakers. So, the last post listed off all the awesome Celebrities who are so excited to eat pie! The picture above kind of relates to one of the rules, you'll see....

First though, you should check out the totally cool playlist Taron Cochrane made up for this contest here! I am so thankful he took the time out his busy life to help me with this. Here we go with the rules. They need rules because they are unruly...

Celebrity Pie Eating Contestant Rules

1) Contestants must choose an already existing fruit pie from the Market. There will be no special pies made by the bakers to help the contestants cheat. The pie must be 8" or over. The Manager will inspect and measure the pies before the contest.

2) Contestants will choose a number to select an eating utensil from a bag. 

3) Contestants may cheat! But if the Manager catches them cheating they will be disqualified from the contest!

4) Whoever eats one whole entire pie first is the winner! Note: the pie must be EATEN!

5) A fifth rule was added for the benefit of some fashionable contestants. You may wear a kilt or hat for the Celebrity Pie Eating Contest Justin and Raquel. 


The Celebrity Pie Eating contest is an event planned for Market under the Stars on Thursday August 29th, 2013. Market under the Stars is a fabulous Downtown event featuring food and liquor tastings, yoga class, Celebrity Pie Eating Contest, salsa dancing, plus over 60 Regina Farmers' Market vendors too! You have to see it to believe it. City Square Plaza, 4pm to 9pm on Thursday! See you there, you won't believe how much fun we are going to have! Ada