July 27 Map & Berries

July 27 Map & Berries

It's time to say goodbye to the saskatoon berry. The season is coming to an end for what is arguably our most popular product. Loon Creek Saskatoons will have 100 buckets of fresh saskatoons tomorrow, but that's just about it. From Loon Creek and other vendors, we may still get one or two more markets with fresh berries. After that, frozen berries will be the next best thing. Over the Hill Orchards, Miller's By-Gone Farm and Rocky Acres Orchard will soon have this year's berries made into jam, spread and syrup. *Waving* bye-bye, berries! :(


In case you missed it, Casnin's Ice Candy was awarded Best Taste for the July 21 Market Under the Stars. Secret Taste Judges tried many Tastes from many different vendors, and Casnin's purple yam & coconut Ice Candy came out on top. Congrats, Erlinda! The third and final Market Under the Stars is coming up on August 25. (Wooden spoon "trophy" provided by Prairie Engraving.)


Saskatoon berries may be out, but raspberries are in! Loon Creek Saskatoons, Country Breeze Farms and others will have fresh raspberries tomorrow. The best part about buying raspberries at market is – you don't have to pick them yourself! 


Amber Rayne Designs, Auntie Meme's Cakes, Summer Hartsfeld Jewelry, Hi Low Angus, Last Mountain Distillery, and Martha's Garden are all back in tomorrow. Food trucks: Baba's Food Spot, Bon Burger, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie, Nacho Fiesta, and Prairie Smoke.


For the full list of vendors in attendance, see the Vendor LIST. For their locations, see the Market MAP


See you at market!