August 31 Map & Brussels Sprouts!

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August 31 Map & Brussels Sprouts!

Corn season is in full swing! You'll find some on the tables of almost all of our vegetable producers. On the other hand, there's a vegetable you'll find at only one table – Brussels sprouts. The fascinating thing about Brussels sprouts is (besides their polarizing effect) the way they grow. The buds grow around a stock in a double helix pattern, like DNA. You either love them or your hate them; if you hate them, I suppose it doesn't matter how cool they look on a stock. But if you love them, only Spring Creek Gardens will have a bag of those teeny cabbages just for you.


Tomorrow is the last day for homemade tea-infused ice cream and cups of iced tea from Cuppa' T'! Choose between London Fog or Pumpkin Spice ice cream and strawberry black or raspberry green iced tea. Cuppa' T' won't be gone forever, it's just that cold things aren't as popular when it starts to feel like fall. They'll be back for the first indoor market on October 15 with tea-infused treats (fudge and Pecan Puddles), loose leaf tea blends and cups of hot tea.


Back in: Auntie Meme's Cakes, Dressed by Les, Latino Bake Shop, Lorraine's Kitchen, and Name Your Nuts.

Food trucks: Baba's Food Spot, Bon Burger, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie, Nacho Fiesta, and Prairie Smoke.


Check out the Vendor LIST for all vendors in attendance and the Market MAP for locations.


See you at market!