2013 Winter Indoor Market Dates!

2013 Winter Indoor Market Dates!

Hello everyone!

There seems to be some confusion despite advertising. Everyone seems to think we are having our last Market today! Our last Outdoor Market will be October 19th on City Square Plaza. There are still three Markets to go outside. I hope it doesn't snow. Please ignore the dates at the top of the front page, it is the one thing I can't change on this site! Back end template functions which I am sure would blow my mind! 

In case you didn't hear, as part of my work with the Sustainability Committee at the University of Regina, we will now be having Thursday University Markets! Here's some info if you are interested in attending. Miss Dee was busy making graphics for me:

As well we will have our usual Saturday Cathedral Center Markets at 2900 13th Avenue:

The trees are so adorable. They are actually cookies you know! I hope we will continue to see all of our special friends down at these Markets. We have so many great products still in season. Today is usually a busy Market. There are lots of  Thanksgiving trimmings available, great wine, candles, pumpkins. We have so much to be thankful for this year. Mostly like every year, I am thankful to my farmers, without them we could not have these wonderful meals with family and friends! See you our there until October 19th, 9 to 1, City Square Plaza. Ada