2015 Celebrity Pie Eating Contest Rules and List of Contestants

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2015 Celebrity Pie Eating Contest Rules and List of Contestants

Look at the awesome pie goodness! The Celebrity Pie Eating Contest began as part of the Saskatoon Pie Festival in 2012. The winner was Vance Lester of Living Sky Winery, a vendor at the Market. The 2013 winner was Leasa Gibbons, Regina Downtown BID Marketing and Communications Manager. Leasa has been taking her trophy all over town and tweeting photos of it, heralding her big win! The winner of the 2014 contest was James Park, customer extraordinaire! 

Normally you couldn’t pay me enough money to be part of an eating contest, but apparently it is a cool thing. This year as well, the contestants may have to watch out as I am pregnant and might eat their pie!  Something about an eating contest brings out the vicious competitive spirit or maybe just their empty stomachs ready for free food? What follows are THE RULES. There have been complaints amongst some competitors about Rule 4, I say I will just be more vigilant! There is a new rule this year, please refer to Rule 5. It is all in good fun.

Celebrity Pie Eating Contestant Rules

1.    Contestants will eat pie from The Cookie Lady, unless it is a Gluten Free pie from Over the Hill. It helps to tweet her ahead @CookieLadyYQR to ensure the flavour you want. The pies will be all the same size and approximately the same weight.

2.    You are to meet Marketing Manager at the Plaza Stage at 5:55pm with your pie on Thursday's Market under the Stars on July 16th, 2015. Your pie will be subject to inspection to ensure all the filling is still in it!

3.    Contestants will choose a number and an eating utensil will be selected from a box. You must eat with this utensil.

4.    Contestants may cheat! But if the Marketing Manager catches them cheating they will be disqualified from the contest!

5.    You may sabotage other contestants but if the Marketing Manager catches you, you will be disqualified.

6.    Whoever eats one whole entire pie first is the winner! Note: the pie must be EATEN!

I am super excited this year as Shanelle Kaul, Morning News Anchor from Global Regina will be joining me to MC for the event! Thank you Shanelle!

The list of brave Pie Eating contestants:

Leasa Gibbons- Regina Downtown BID

Taron Cochrane- Community Media Specialist, Board Member SaskMusic, 2nd Best Twitter feed in Regina

Ashlyn George-Saskatchewanderer, official travel blogger for Saskatchewan

Deanna Brown- Canada Season 2, Top 25 contestant on Master Chef, plus cool mommy

Ashley Martin- Leader Post and QC Reporter

Chris Lane- CBC Producer

Ricky G- Basically the craziest fan of Roughriders and Market (maybe not in that order?)

Grant Biebrick- Program Director 620 CKRM Regina

Bianca Millions- CTV Sport Anchor and Reporter

Marty Seymour- CEO of Candian Western Agribition

Jody Robson- Awesome mommy! Married to Thrillin Dylan, summer student at FCC and Card Dealer at Casino Regina.

It will be a great time! Can't wait to see you all there! Best of luck to our contestants! Ada