40 Years of RFM; 40 Best Customers - #11

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40 Years of RFM; 40 Best Customers - #11

In celebration of the RFM’s 40th Anniversary, we’re giving our vendors the opportunity to nominate and reward Best Customers. This allows our vendors to show appreciation for special customers that have supported them on their endeavours. Not every day is an amazing day at the Market, but these customers show up rain-or-shine. 

40 years is a long time for any organization to be around, and it’s a lot of time for things to grow stagnant. RFM, however, is still thriving; we have never been more relevant and more loved than we are today. The Market family continues to grow along with customer attendance. We owe this success to the City of Regina, Regina Downtown, our vendors, and most importantly, our customers.

Please allow us to show our gratitude to 40 people in representation of thousands, with our only regret being that we can’t reward each and every person that takes the time to visit us, whether it’s once a week or once a year. Thank you.




Suzi and Irena of Sister’s Cake became vendors in 2011. Since setting up a small table for the first time at City Hall (our location at the time), they have been gaining more and more loyal customers every year. Suzi and Irena have proudly nominated Best Customer(s) #11. 

11. Elaine & Roger Sylvestre

  • from Regina

  • retired 

  • worked in education

For the last 15 years, Elaine and Roger have been visiting the Market once a week, sometimes twice. They enjoy the RFM experience so much that they often bring out-of-town guests along for the ride. According to Elaine and Roger, the freshness and exclusivity of products are a couple of reasons why the RFM is still around after 40 years. The opportunity to build relationships with the makers of your food is also a factor; Elaine and Roger return to RFM because “getting to know the vendors and their products is most enjoyable.” 

Elaine and Roger’s favourite items to purchase from the two sisters are saskatoon berry cake and pastry with cheese and raisins. To anyone who has not tried Sister’s Cake baking, this couple would recommend saskatoon berry cake, bagels and poppyseed cake. If Elaine and Roger became vendors of RFM, they would like to sell diabetic-friendly products. 

What do Suzi and Irena think of their Best Customers?

“[…] our loyal customers visit us every Saturday and Wednesday with big smiles and excellent moods. It would give us the desire and inspiration to continue to reach and serve the local population.”


Thank you, Elaine and Roger, for being Best Customers!