40 Years of RFM; 40 Best Customers - #14

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40 Years of RFM; 40 Best Customers - #14

In celebration of the RFM’s 40th Anniversary, we’re giving our vendors the opportunity to nominate and reward Best Customers. This allows our vendors to show appreciation for special customers that have supported them on their endeavours. Not every day is an amazing day at the Market, but these customers show up rain-or-shine. 

40 years is a long time for any organization to be around, and it’s a lot of time for things to grow stagnant. RFM, however, is still thriving; we have never been more relevant and more loved than we are today. The Market family continues to grow along with customer attendance. We owe this success to the City of Regina, Regina Downtown, our vendors, and most importantly, our customers.

Please allow us to show our gratitude to 40 people in representation of thousands, with our only regret being that we can’t reward each and every person that takes the time to visit us, whether it’s once a week or once a year. Thank you.



Ron, from Earthy Artisan, is one of those creative vendors that's always introducing new products and working on new techniques. Ron's booth of hypertufa plant pots and decor was never boring to begin with, but it certainly won't become complacent with new products arriving as they're completed. Please read on to learn about Ron's Best Customer.


14. Anita Wolbaum

  • originally from Montmartre, SK

  • comes from a family of 12

  • has been a customer of RFM for 34 years


That's correct - 34 years! Anita has been visiting us every Wednesday for as long as she's worked in downtown Regina. For Anita, it's the fact that RFM "feels much like home" that keeps bringing her back. When you come from a family of 12, I suppose a crowded Market WOULD feel like home! The atmosphere and friendly people at the Market are also drawing cards.

Anita has had many favourite RFM products over the years, starting with poppyseed roll from Yorkton Bakers, then perennial plants, and now Ron's hypertufa pots. Anita would recommend all of her favourite products to a friend, but she would also suggest that they browse the Market and observe all of the unique items offered. 

If Anita became a vendor of RFM, she would like to sell handmade gift bags, handbags and cards. Since she already makes these items for herself and friends, Anita feels it would be a natural fit. 


What does Ron think of his Best Customer?

"We've been vendors for two years and Anita has been a customer since the beginning. She has mentioned to us that she very much appreciates the uniqueness of handmade items and the work that goes into making them. Even when she is not purchasing (which is not often), she stops by to chat and offer laughter and a smile. It is always a pleasure to have Anita at our booth."


Thank you, Anita, for being a Best Customer!