40 Years of RFM; 40 Best Customers - #17

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40 Years of RFM; 40 Best Customers - #17

Lorraine Nicholson of Lorraine's Kitchen is a popular baker at RFM. She has quite a following of regular customers as well as a busy catering business. It must have been difficult to narrow it down to just one Best Customer, but she did it! Lorraine has nominated Best Customer #17...who also happens to be the same Best Customer nominated by SalayView Farm (read HERE). This gentleman loves local food so much that he's been nominated twice!


17. Robin Swales


  • originally from Lewes, Sussex, England

  • now lives in Regina with wife, Diana

  • retired history professor

Robin has been visiting RFM for as long as we've been occupying Scarth St., which is...a very long time. He often purchases butter tarts (his favourite) from Lorraine. Robin doesn't have to worry about hiding the butter tarts to avoid sharing, because his wife doesn't eat butter tarts! What a lucky guy.


Fresh veggies are also attractive to Robin, which is why he thinks the best time to shop at RFM is in late summer. Robin couldn't say what kind of vendor he would be if he ever joined RFM. I bet it's because he loves so many RFM products that he can't decide on just one!


Our Best Customer nomination form allows for the vendor to ask their own question. Lorraine asked of Robin, "Will you [...] meet in a parking lot [to pick up] an order in the off-season?" Chuckling ensued. I think there's an inside joke here...


What does Lorraine think of her Best Customer?

"Robin has been a customer for over 10 years. He is always positive towards other customers when shopping at my table. He and his wife, Diana, are like dear old friends!"

Thank you, Robin, for being a Best Customer!




In celebration of the RFM’s 40th Anniversary, we’re giving our vendors the opportunity to nominate and reward Best Customers. This allows our vendors to show appreciation for special customers that have supported them on their endeavours. Not every day is an amazing day at the Market, but these customers show up rain-or-shine.


40 years is a long time for any organization to be around, and it’s a lot of time for things to grow stagnant. RFM, however, is still thriving; we have never been more relevant and more loved than we are today. The Market family continues to grow along with customer attendance. We owe this success to the City of Regina, Regina Downtown, our vendors, and most importantly, our customers.


Please allow us to show our gratitude to 40 people in representation of thousands, with our only regret being that we can’t reward each and every person that takes the time to visit us, whether it’s once a week or once a year. Thank you.