40 Years of RFM; 40 Best Customers - #4

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40 Years of RFM; 40 Best Customers - #4

In celebration of the RFM’s 40th Anniversary, we’re giving our vendors the opportunity to nominate and reward Best Customers. This allows our vendors to show appreciation for special customers that have supported them on their endeavours. Not every day is an amazing day at the Market, but these customers show up rain-or-shine. 


40 years is a long time for any organization to be around, and it’s a lot of time for things to grow stagnant. RFM, however, is still thriving; we have never been more relevant and more loved than we are today. The Market family continues to grow along with customer attendance. We owe this success to the City of Regina, Regina Downtown, our vendors, and most importantly, our customers.


Please allow us to show our gratitude to 40 people in representation of thousands, with our only regret being that we can’t reward each and every person that takes the time to visit us, whether it’s once a week or once a year. Thank you.


Holly from Nosh Artisan Edibles has awarded our fourth Best Customer. She is a familiar face at the Market and is supportive of many vendors. 


4. Sarah James

  • Lives in Regina

  • Biologist at Canadian Wildlife Services

  • Has been shopping at RFM for 10 years


Sarah can’t decide on just one favourite Market item (and really, who can?) but Nosh Artisan Edible’s “Grassfed Gummies" are her favourite NEW item. Other favourites include Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms, farm eggs and organic produce.


Sarah has no problems sharing Market goods with her family, because providing her family with fresh, healthy food is the reason she shops here. In her opinion, the best season to shop at RFM is summer because, “there’s lots of variety, and you can do all your shopping in one place.”


If Sarah was a vendor at the Market, she would sell grass-finished beef jerky. I’m guessing Sarah and Holly would probably trade beef jerky for gummies on a regular basis.


What does Holly have to say about her Best Customer?

“Sarah is my Best Customer for a few reasons. We have similar food values and have great conversations about organics, grass-fed meat and bone broth. She always has a smile on and makes my day! I have greatly appreciated her support this summer.”

Thank you, Sarah, for being a Best Customer!