A Fresh New Website and Last Market of 2013!

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A Fresh New Website and Last Market of 2013!


This is so exciting! Here is our new website! The Assistant Manager, squareflo.com, and I worked many hours to get this website just right. I wanted a cleaner, image oriented, mobile friendly, easy to navigate website that was social media ready. We still have a few things left to do. In the future we would like to do more recipes and start a Pinterest Account. We cannot thank Jaco and Vivianna from squareflo enough for understanding our need for funtionality and good looks too! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a new website for your business. 


Today is our last Market of 2013 at 2900 13th Avenue, 9 to 1. We had a couple of last minute changes to bookings. First there will be no kitchen today but Eric from 33 1/3 Coffee will be brewing his great roast for you at $2 a cup. Pusch Brothers Greenhouse, The Green Ranch, RDeez, and Double D Baking will not be in. This will be your last chance for the next couple of months to get your local. There are plenty of local gifts and goodies for this time of year. 

I decided to go over social media this year to find a needy family. Andrew Matte from the QC newspaper was going to connect me with one family, unfortunately he passed away ealier this week. My condolences to his family. He was man with a big heart. Through our search I realized that there is high need in our city and some families have fallen through the cracks on other avenues of help. I got many messages, so much so that I decided we would help two families this year. Family 1: Single mom with fibro myalgia, 12 year old son, and young adult daughter with high risk pregnancy. Family 2: Single Dad with teen girl, and a young adult son. Our vendors are so generous and thoughtful to our families every year. I will be including $250 gift cards each as a gift from my own family. I once was single mom of three children. I know how hard it can be to give enough to your children. I see families struggling more than ever these days. You can help too. I will be setting out two boxes for you to donate! Any little bit will be a huge difference in their lives!

Here's A sneak peek at next year's Spring Market dates!