April 16 Map & Spring Veg!

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April 16 Map & Spring Veg!

As we get closer to May, more spring vegetables and greens are becoming available. Kangro Gardening will be in for their first market of 2016 tomorrow. They will be bringing fresh lettuce and cucumbers. Indoor markets are looking more green every week!


After tomorrow, we'll have only 2 more indoor markets left. Saturday, May 7 is the first market on the Plaza this year and it's coming up quickly! There will be no market on Wednesday, May 4, as we always begin outdoor markets on a Saturday. After the 7th, the weekly Wednesday & Saturday market schedule will begin, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, as usual. I think the Plaza is missing us.


In case you haven't heard, we have a new microgreen vendor at the market. Tomorrow will be the second market for J9's Tiny Farm. She will have broccoli, alfalfa, red clover, and sandwich mix, with plans for more varieties in the near furture. The microgreens from J9's Tiny Farm are potted in soil, which means you can let them grow for a couple of days and then cut as needed.


If you stop to visit Jen of Metal Majesty during the market, you might see that she is busy making something. Lately, that something has been viking weave. You can see in the videos HERE that she starts out by weaving wire. She then pulls the woven wire through gauged holes to tighten and lengthen the knit. This technique is a crossover from textiles to metalwork and is rumoured to have started in the 9th century.



Tomorrow is the first market for Kangro Gardening. Lorraine's Kitchen, The Flour Shoppe, Summer Hartsfeld Jewelry, Living Sky Winery, Metal Majesty, Rocky Acres Orchard, and Stellar Gourmet are all back this market. The Yorkton Bakers are NOT in tomorrow, but will be here for the April 23 market. Take a look at the MAP to see all vendors in attendance. NEW FEATURE: you can now click on a vendor name to be directed to their Vendor Page on our website! 


See you at market!