August 24 Map & Saskatchewan Apples!

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August 24 Map & Saskatchewan Apples!

Did you know crab apples aren't the only type of apples that grow in Saskatchewan? They're not! Most varieties of apples grown here are smaller and more tart than the varieties that grow in places like BC. While they aren't necessarily as sweet, I'd say apples from our province are more flavourful (perhaps the smaller size results in a more concentrated flavour!). Saskatchewan grown apples are great for baking or fresh eating, depending on the variety. At Rocky Acres Orchard, you'll find Parkland, September Ruby, Norda, and Prairie Sun apples. Also, watch for their fresh Saskatchewan apple cider! 


This Thursday, August 25 is the LAST Market Under the Stars of 2016! Please join us on the Plaza from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm to enjoy local Food and Liquor Tasting, live music, yoga, salsa dancing, and RFM shopping booths. Click HERE for complete event information, map and Tasting Menu. Here are a few new Food and Liquor Tastes unique to the August 25 Market Under the Stars:


  • Zee-Bee Honey - fresh honeycomb from the hive

  • Prairie Bee Meadery - mead tasting

  • Nosh Artisan Edibles - frozen chocolate dipped bananas

  • Auntie Meme's Cakes - mini candied apples

  • Craibstone Creamery - "Ploughman's Platter"

  • The Cookie Lady - chili lime cheesecake

  • Nacho Fiesta Food Truck - chicken and lentil tamales

  • Blue Rose Gluten Free - GF pulled pork sandwiches and other GF options


Back in: Inspired by Beads and Pile of Bones Beard Care Co.

Food trucks: Baba's Food Spot, Bon Burger, Nacho Fiesta, and Prairie Smoke.

For all vendors in attendance, see the Vendor LIST. For locations, see the Market MAP.


See you at market and Market Under the Stars!