2014 Celebrity Poutine Eating Competition

2014 Celebrity Poutine Eating Competition

At the August 13th Market under the Stars we will have our first ever Poutine Eating Competition. As you know Poutine is an iconic Canadian food and we are so proud to have the most successful Market food Truck Mr. Spudds Poutiniere provide the delicious Poutine for this event. Thank you for all the Celebrity types who were more than happy to jump into this eating competition!

So with every Celebrity Eating Competition are the rules. Major, big, serious rules. That because we take ourselves so seriously...NOT! Here are the Celebrity Poutine Eating Rules:

1) Contestants will eat Poutine from Mr. Spudds Poutiniere. You will be provided with a pre approved container of totally awesome poutine.

2) Contestants may cheat! But if the Manager catches them cheating they will be disqualified from the contest!

3) The contestant will choose a number and will have a utensil selected from a box for them in order.

4) Whoever eats all the poutine first is the winner! Note: the Poutine must be EATEN!

5) When you finish the last of your poutine you must shout “tout est genial” or “cette poutine est genial”.

Good luck Celebrities! Please meet with me at the Plaza Stage, Wednesday August 13th, 6:20pm. Our contest should start by 6:30 if we get the poutine on time! I am also think of giving an award for the best trash talking before a contest, keep that in mind when you think of your competitors! Ada