Celebrity Cinnamon Bun Eating Contest

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Celebrity Cinnamon Bun Eating Contest

We have never done a Celebrity Cinnamon Bun Eating Contest before! This should be interesting. We have 7 contestants ready to go, famous for so many reasons. Mostly they are famous in my mind because they would actually agree to join this contest. What makes them want to do these eating contests is beyond me. They are fun though! Last contest was the Celeb Pie Eating Contest which Dustin from Prairie Smoke & Spice won. The crowd really enjoyed it. Leasa Gibbons from Regina Downtown might not have however, after Dustin pied her in the face. Not good behaviour for a Pie Eating Champion, but funny nonetheless.

So, here are the rules. They are a little different, there will not be any utensils for this one. Please meet at the Plaza Stage at 6:20pm to get your t-shirt and cinnamon buns. As it is Saskatoon season, the participants will eating a Saskatoon Cinnamon Bun. I almost chose Saskatoon Bacon Cinnamon Buns but thought perhaps there could be a vegetarian amongst the contestants so decided against it. Take your complaints to the Assistant Market Manager, Dee Kitsch. Warning, she is a redhead! Good luck with that…

Contest rules:

1) Contestants will eat Cinnamon Buns from Susie’s Cinns. You will be provided with 3 Cinnamon Buns each.

2) Contestants may cheat! But if the Manager catches them cheating they will be disqualified from the contest!

3) Whoever eats all 3 Cinnamon Buns first is the winner! Note: the Cinnamon Buns must be EATEN!

4) When you finish the last Cinnamon Bun you must shout “I like big buns and I cannot lie!”.

Again you can take your complaints on Rule #4 to Assistant Market Manager, Dee Kitsch. It was all her idea. I wish the contestants good luck. Remember this is all in fun and not a serious eating competition. You can still hold you head high if you lose, so no choking. Rule #2 has been used effectively in the past. I can’t keep my eye on all of you! Ada