Day Market, Market under the Stars, and Cinema under the Stars

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Day Market, Market under the Stars, and Cinema under the Stars

Some of you might not know this: Regina Farmers’ Market and Regina Downtown BID share office space. There was buzz in the office today…all 14 people there were busy getting ready for the biggest collaborative event we have ever done together!

First, Regular Plaza Market from 9am to 1pm. Offerings from the best vendors in Saskatchewan! A whopping 72 spots on the Plaza and Scarth Street. This is the biggest we have ever been on a Wednesday and the biggest mid-week Market anywhere in Saskatchewan. How amazing is that? It is because of your support that they come driving in (some from far away) to see you. Thank you Regina for helping us bring an amazing Market to you!

Second, we begin Market under the Stars, 4pm to 9pm. Some of the vendors will go home after running out of products, but the rest of us are ready to stay and play running a Market! Regina Downtown BID puts on great free programming at the same time as our event; Yoga in the Park with Bodhi Tree Yoga and Saskatchewan Sepak Takraw, a game for anyone at any age. We have our fun and tongue in cheek event, the Celbrity Pie Eating Contest. If you are hungry or need to wet your whistle, you can visit the Tasting Area. In total there will be 12 Taste vendors available. Tasting Cards are $20 for 6 tastes, more than enough to make you full!

The night is not over yet! Third, after we are done Market under the Stars, Regina Downtown BID will have their Wednesday Cinema under the Stars event sponsored by Scotiabank. Guess what, that is free too! What an incredible city we live in. The movie is Jurassic Park. Get your RAWRRRR on! Those scary Velociraptors and that huge T Rex!

Just a little secret, I heard our friend Dilly the Dinosaur from the Science Center might be visiting…

I am sure I will be too exhausted on Thursday to say it. Regina Downtown, you rock and thanks just doesn’t begin to say it! Also, thank you to all our fans who support us and make us feel like stars! I looked around my office today and realized many people would not believe the passion and planning that goes into pulling off a night like this. Many of you however let us know with your wonderful comments and happy smiles! Thank you for that! Ada

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