Dec. 17 Map & See You in the Spring!

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Dec. 17 Map & See You in the Spring!

December 17th will be the 64th and FINAL market of 2016! At 1:00 pm tomorrow, we'll wrap up our 41st year. Planning for our 42nd year is already underway to ensure we continue to provide you with the best local products. There will be no markets in January or February, but we'll see you again in March!


March 4 to April 29

2065 Hamilton St.

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Saturdays ONLY


Find these vendors on the lower level tomorrow:

  • Ally's Specialty Baking (gluten friendly)

  • Cake Witch Cafe

  • Clark's Spices

  • J9's Tiny Farm

  • Reem's Kitchen

  • Rousay Station Wool

  • Sadza Arts & Craft

  • Saltine Baking Co.

  • Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms

  • Sweet Little Secrets (new vendor)

  • The Cookie Lady

  • The Garlic Garden

  • ZMZ Smithing


Reem's Kitchen has recently added some prepared foods to their current line of baked goods. You can still find your favourite cookies on their table, but you'll also find things like hummus (pictured) and samosas. If you'd like to try before you buy, Reem's Kitchen samosas (hot and ready to eat) will be available on the Market Meals menu tomorrow.


Also on the lower level, you can find hot lunch and a place to sit. On the Market Meals menu this week:

  • Toasted bagel with jam...$4.00 (Going with the Grain, Over the Hill Orchards and Rocky Acres Orchard)

  • Pork or siu mai dumplings...$8.00 (Cheang's Sinofood)

  • Samosas...$8.00 (Reem's Kitchen)

  • Loaded baked potato soup with bread...$6.00 (Eat Simply and Saltine Baking Co.)

  • Perogies and garlic sausage...$8.00 (Mila's Home Baking)


It's possible that you haven't completed your holiday shopping yet, and it's also possible that you have a tea lover on your list. If this is the case, allow me to name a few vendors that can help. Dressed by Les - handsewn reusable tea bags (pictured here with a pretty turquoise button). Cuppa' T' - quality loose tea leaves in special RFM-only flavours (pictured). Grandpa's Garden - fruit honey. Zee-Bee Honey - plain and flavoured honey. You're welcome.


HOT BEVERAGES: 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters and Cuppa' T' (upper level).

FRESH PRODUCE: Frontier Gardens, J9's Tiny Farm, Miller's By-Gone Farm, Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms, and The Garlic Garden.

RETURNING VENDORS: Ally's Specialty Baking, Asher Designs, Loon Creek Saskatoons (frozen saskatoons & raspberries), Lorraine's Kitchen, Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, Prairie Engraving, Rusty's Wild Rice, and The Garlic Garden.


The Flour Shoppe was not able to return to the market this fall, but they will be able to host RFM Kids' Club tomorrow! Some very lucky children will be dipping The Flour Shoppe homemade marshmallows into melted chocolate and garnishing them. Dip. Sprinkle. Eat. Repeat. Feel free to harass The Flour Shoppe about the severe lack of lemon tarts this summer. :)


Not all vendors are mentioned above; see the Vendor LIST for all in attendance. Refer to the Market MAP for vendor locations on the upper and lower levels (2 pages!).


Happy Holidays and we'll see you in the spring!