June 11 Map & Salsa Fresca!

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June 11 Map & Salsa Fresca!

Do these tacos look familiar to you? They were made by a previous vendor, Salsa Fresca Taco Truck. Now listen, there's some good news and some bad news here. The bad news? Salsa Fresca Taco Truck has not risen from the dead, *sad face*. The good news? "Salsa Fresca" is the reincarnation of the taco truck, offering packages of the same homemade Mexican salsa that made those tacos so darn good. They're back with 6 kinds of salsa, red ones and green ones with varying levels of heat, such as Awesome for Chips Green and Original Red. In addition to the line of salsas, Salsa Fresca will also have a Mexican marinade and Agua Fresca. Agua Fresca, if you can't recall, is the refreshing fruit beverage that accompanied the tacos. Salsa Fresca has been known to make this beverage with pineapple, lime, watermelon, or cantaloupe. Tomorrow, please welcome Salsa Fresca back to RFM! (Photo: Jade Benesh)


There's more than food at the farmers' market; we also have talented makers, artists and designers. If you can believe it, this bird feeder is made from a decommissioned fire extinguisher. The designer, Valerie of Asher Designs, clearly has a talent for uncovering potential in items that would typically be discarded. As nifty as this piece is, it's also fully functional, discovered as a result of testing (with real birds!). Asher Designs specializes in landscape and container design as well as garden art and maintenance. (Fake birds not included.)


NEW VENDOR, Averlis Foods, has introduced a unique peanut dip to RFM. I would describe it as the Indian version of hummus, with peanuts and coconut milk as the main ingredients. Made from a family recipe, this dip contains no pre-made peanut butter. Instead, peanuts are ground to the desired texture. The peanut dip has a bit of heat provided by a few chilies, and is best served with crackers and fresh veggies. If you use hummus in a certain recipe I'm sure this peanut dip could be used in its place, while adding a spicy Indian flavour. 


Asher Designs, Averlis Foods, Dressed by Les, Hi Low Angus, Inspired by Beads, and Cake Witch Cafe are returning tomorrow. Food trucks: Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie and Nacho Fiesta. Take a look at the Vendor LIST to see all vendors in attendance and the Market MAP to see their locations. There will be a few vendors on SCARTH ST. tomorrow, so don't miss them.


See you at market!