June 22 Map & What's in Season

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June 22 Map & What's in Season

PEA season is upon us! This is what your peas are going to look like if you don't come early enough: empty. Southland Colony will have a small amount available, and I'm going to eat them all, if I can. You better get there before I do! It's just the beginning of pea season, so if you miss out tomorrow, more will be on the way from Southland Colony and many other vendors. Southland Colony will also be bringing more strawberries, chickens and eggs tomorrow.


Spring Creek Gardens, 2016 winners of the Saskatchewan Outstanding Young Farmers Award, will be attending their first market tomorrow! With them, they'll be bringing baby potatoes, dill, two kinds of lettuce, spinach, green onions, and kale. They've been taunting us with photos of potato plants for so long, I can hardly believe the baby potatoes are finally on their way. And with DILL! I'm starting to think they planned it like this...


Also attending their first market of the year is The Garlic Garden. Just like Spring Creek, The Garlic Garden has been taunting us with photos. The little garlic scapes in the photo of the field are now big garlic scapes, ready to be eaten raw, sauteed or pickled. The Garlic Garden will have scapes for the rest of June (or as long as supplies last) and will return at the end of July with mature garlic.


Please welcome new vendor, Zak Organics, to the market tomorrow! Zak Organics is a certified organic farm near Fir Mountain, Saskatchewan, with a unique product. They turn their Saskatchewan-grown green peas into a crunchy snack available in three flavours: Garden Herb, Sea Salt & Lime and Smoky BBQ. Zak Organics Crunchy Peas contain no artificial colours/flavours, GMOs, MSG, trans fats, or cholesterol, and are made without gluten, dairy, nuts, or soy. Go ahead, try something new!   Photo: Zak Organics


Returning to RFM tomorrow: Amber-Rayne Designs, Inspired by Beads, Prairie Engraving, Sacred Earth, The Very Berry Bun Company, Thrive Juice Co., Trogi Foods, Yorkton Bakers, Spring Creek Gardens, and The Garlic Garden.

Food trucks: Bon Burger, Prairie Smoke, Nacho Fiesta, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie, and Baba's Food Spot.

Take a look at the Vendor LIST for a full list of vendors in attendance and the Market MAP to find out where they'll be set up.


See you at market!