June 25 Map & New Products

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June 25 Map & New Products

We all know how tempting two-bite brownies are, but how many of us have had two-bite pancakes?? Well, I have, and I might even like them better than two-bite brownies. This miniature stack of pancakes was made by one of our talented bakers, Sweet Miracle. The little pancakes are yeasted (which makes them taste like donuts!), fluffy and delicious. As if they weren't already cute enough, they come with a teeny container filled with pancake syrup for dipping. Mini pancakes = love.


Cheang’s Sinofood has added another NEW product to their dim sum line: curried chicken steamed buns! Maybe you’re more familiar with the Filipino style steamed bun with BBQ pork filling, but the Chinese version is just as tasty. Cheang’s steamed buns have a similarly tender dough on the outside with a mixture of carrot, onion, chicken, and curry on the inside. These delightful little bites will be appearing on the Plaza for the very first time tomorrow.


RFM has been able to offer greenhouse veggies for quite a while, but garden veggies are now making their way to the Plaza. Tomorrow, we’ll have more baby potatoes, dill, peas, and baby carrots, among other things. Strawberries, too! (Dill photo: Going with the Grain)








Auntie Meme's Cakes will be attending their first market of 2016. Spring Creek Gardens and Zak Organics (new vendor) will be experienceing their first Saturday this year. Belle Plaine Colony, Dressed by Les, Fishley Farms, Going with the Grain, Hi Low Angus, and Saltine Baking Company are all returning after missing last Saturday.

Food trucks: Nacho Fiesta, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie and Baba's Food Spot.

Please take a look at the Vendor LIST to see all in attendance and the Market MAP for locations.


See you at market!