June 4 Map & Expanding to Scarth St.!

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June 4 Map & Expanding to Scarth St.!

As we get closer to July, more produce becomes available. More produce equals more vendors, which means the Plaza fills up! Tomorrow, a few vendors will spill onto Scarth St. Don't miss them! On Scarth tomorrow:

  • Sadza Arts & Crafts

  • Trogi Foods

  • Ally's Specialty Baking

  • Blue Rose Gluten Free

  • BarnCat Designs

  • The Healthy Grind

  • Bandana Girls Granola

  • South Valley Farm

  • Wendy's Cookies (brand new vendor!)




Southland Colony will have whole chickens tomorrow! No preorders necessary this time; you can just make your purchase at the Southland Colony booth located beside the stage. These chickens are extra juicy and flavourful and will definitely feed the whole family! The "runaway chicken" in the photo actually belongs to Miller's By-Gone Farm, but is too funny not to include. The roasted chicken pictured is in fact a Southland Colony chicken, with Golden Prairie Wild Boar bacon weaved on top. Sadly, bacon is not included.



One of our recently approved vendors, Blue Rose Gluten Free, will be attending the market tomorrow with fresh gluten-free baking as well as allergen-free baking mixes. If you've got dietary restrictions (requiring gluten, dairy, nut, or sugar-free products) Blue Rose Gluten Free has what you're looking for. They make a variety of mixes (including angel food cake, brownies and chocolate chip cookies) that provide the convenience of store-bought mixes with homemade flavour. The Blue Rose Gluten Free facility is provincially and federally inspected, so you can feel safe using their products.



Shown here are juniper berries, the ingredient that creates the instantly recognizable flavour of gin. These specific juniper berries were grown by Black Fox Spirits for the purpose of creating a Saskatchewan gin. Juniper berries aren't the only ingredient in Black Fox gin, however. One of their gins has a blend of over 15 botanicals and spices with calendula flowers and rhubarb. Another has pumpkin flowers, cucumber and coriander. Black Fox Spirits doesn't just make alcohol, they create an experience–one that should be savoured.


As mentioned, the Plaza will be filled tomorrow with vendors wrapping around on to Scarth St. NEW VENDOR, Wendy's Cookies, will be attending her very first market tomorrow. Many vendors are returning after short or long breaks: Blue Rose Gluten Free, Dressed by Les, Ottenbreit's Meats, Pixie Winkle Jewelry, Ponderosa Alpaca, Prairie Engraving, Rosie the Flower Truck, Sadza Arts & Crafts, Southland Colony, The Healthy Grind, and Trogi Foods. Food Trucks: Baba's Food Spot and Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ.

Please take a look at the Vendor LIST to see all vendors in attendance and the Market MAP to see their locations.


See you at market!