March 26 Map & Market Highlights

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March 26 Map & Market Highlights








Our Easter weekend market tomorrow is going to be all about the kids! Between RFM Kids' Club and a mini petting zoo at Miller's By-Gone Farm, your kids are going to be thoroughly entertained.


For RFM Kids' Club tomorrow, we're decorating Easter eggs! The eggs are from The Scandinavian Sweethearts, Miller's By-Gone Farm, Ponderosa Alpacas, and Pusch Bros. They have been boiled and dyed and are ready to be decorated! Pam from Miller's By-Gone Farm knows that not all city kids get to experience farm life. Visit her booth to see some newly hatched chickens. They're fluffy, adorable, and kids love them!


How would you incorporate oyster mushrooms into your Easter feast? There are a lot of quality products offered at the market that are commonly sought out for Easter meals. Easter bread, homemade buns, pickles, fresh farm eggs, lamb, cabbage rolls, perogies, greens, and so forth. But what about the delicious products that aren't traditionally included, such as Stellar Gourmet mushrooms? Our Instagram followers suggested things like using mushrooms in gravy or creamy appetizers!


Our new vendor, Herb Head, has a beautiful product and a beautiful display. These "Mood Vials" catch the light and your attention. Mood Vials are filled with herb infusions that make you smell pretty and feel better!



Floating Gardens and Pusch Bros. will have fresh greens and tomatoes available. The Healthy Grind and Forest Floor Arts are back. The Flour Shoppe is in for her first market of the year! Check the MAP for a full list of vendors. It's not too late to get fresh, local ingredients for your Easter meal!


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