Market Under the Stars July 21 - Everything You Need to Know!

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Market Under the Stars July 21 - Everything You Need to Know!

It’s time for Round 2 of Market Under the Stars! For all three Markets Under the Stars in 2016, we want to give you more. More of the things you love (more Food Tasting, more Liquor Tasting and more music!) as well as past favourites (yoga, salsa dancing and RFM vendors).


Date: Thursday, July 21 (one more coming up on August 25!)

Location: City Square Plaza

Time: 5 pm - 10 pm

Admission: FREE

Food & Liquor Tasting Tickets: 6 tickets for $20 



Market Under the Stars MENU

Market Under the Stars MAP


More Food Tasting

Over 20 Tasting Booths with menus featuring RFM products. Each Tasting Booth will offer sample sizes of locally made food for 1 ticket each (maximum 2 tickets). There may be multiple items at each Tasting Booth, so come hungry! 20+ Tasting Booths with over 70 different Tastes means you won’t run out of options! View the Market Under the Stars menu and map, above.


More Liquor Tasting

We want you to have a good time. To ensure that, we ditched the cramped Liquor Tasting area for a larger one, encompassing the stage, 5 Liquor Tasting Booths, 2 Food Tasting Booths, and plenty of seating. Grab a few Tastes of food and liquor and then kick back to watch the entertainment. View the Market Under the Stars menu and map, above


More Music

Concert Series, presented by Regina Downtown BID and RAWK Entertainment Group, will feature 2 local Saskatchewan artists at each Market Under the Stars. The stage is located within the Liquor Tasting Area, providing two hours of live music to those seated nearby as well as those mingling on the Plaza. Scheduled for July 7 are Nick Faye and The Alley Dawgs. View the Market Under the Stars map, above.


Yoga Party with Bodhi Tree Yoga

Bring your own yoga mat and join the party in the park! Yoga Party is an upbeat yoga session with a music playlist. Beginners welcome. View the Market Under the Stars map, above. 

 Carmelle Pretzlaw 

Pie Eating Contest

Do you follow RFM on Twitter? Great! We’ll be tweeting for contestants to participate in a pie eating contest! The first contestant to consume an entire pie is the winner of 6 Tasting Tickets! Those of you in the audience have a job as well–watch for cheating contestants! (Crowd photo - Carmelle Pretzlaw)


Salsa dancing with Regina Salseros

Never tried salsa dancing before? No problem. The Regina Salseros start out with Salsa Lessons and then move into a Dance Party. No experience necessary, just a love of dancing! Salsa dancing will take place on the east side of the Plaza. View the Market Under the Stars map, above. 


Shopping Area

Visit some of your favourite RFM Vendors in the Shopping Area! View the Market Under the Stars map, above. 




5:00 pm - Market Under the Stars begins. Get Tasting!

5:15 pm - Yoga Party with Bodhi Tree Yoga

6:30 pm - Pie eating contest on the salsa stage

7:00 pm - Salsa dancing with Regina Salseros

7:00 pm - Concert Series with Nick Faye on the concert stage

8:00 pm - Concert Series with The Alley Dawgs on the concert stage

9:00 pm - Keep up the great Tasting!

10:00 pm - Market Under the Stars ends. See you on August 25!


More Information

Tickets - Tasting Tickets are $20 for 6 and can be purchased at the RFM Info Tent located in the centre of the Plaza. They can be used for food or liquor. Don’t worry about buying too many; tickets may be used at ALL THREE Market Under the Stars events in 2016.

Washrooms - Portable washrooms will be located on the Plaza near Victoria Park. Washrooms at the Regina Public Library will be available until 9 pm. 

Liquor Tasting Area - Minors are permitted within the Liquor Tasting Area when accompanied by an adult. 

Tasting Booths - There will be a sign posted at each Tasting Booth displaying the menu as well as the RFM ingredients used in the Taste.

Hashtag - Please use #MarketUnderTheStars on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Questions - Please contact Regina Farmers’ Market at (306) 501-1363 or [email protected]