Market under the Stars : Thursday, October 3rd on City Square Plaza!

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Market under the Stars : Thursday, October 3rd on City Square Plaza!

We postponed Market until Thursday due to bad weather last week. It'll be cool out, but be prepared for the warmth of our vendor's smile and hot food!. It’s free! You can print it! And plaster every available bit of wall space you can find!

This will be our third and final Night Market of the year, and it'll be an active celebration of local goodness! We will have about 40 vendors offering the best Saskatchewan made, baked, and grown products. There will be seven tasting booths offering locally inspired food tastings for $4 and under. Living Sky Winery and Last Mountain Distillery will be providing tastes of locally produced, high quality wines and liquors. Ask for their "Christmas in a Glass" concoction invented by a customer at the last Market under the Stars!

During all of this will be Regina Downtown Business Improvement District's most popular events: Yoga lessons in the Park from Bodhi Tree Yoga, Tai Chi demonstration by the Taoist Tai Chi Society on the 12th Avenue Stage, and Salsa Dancing lessons and free dance by the Regina Salseros on the Plaza. All of these events are kindly offered for free by Regina Downtown. Thank you so much to our partners!

At end of the night we will announce the winner of the Best Taste of the Market under the Stars! The last two winners were Sassy Cafe and Salsa Fresca. Who will win the coveted trophy this time? Thanks ahead of time to Justin Craigen and CJ Katz for agreeing to be amongst our team of six twitter judges!

Everyone who has come to Market under the Stars has walked (or is it danced?) away happy. They have been full of good local food, shopped from our vendors, and learned how to dance and relax. I can't wait to see you there at City Square Plaza, 4pm to 9pm, Thursday, October 3rd! Ada