May 21 Map & May Long Weekend!

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May 21 Map & May Long Weekend!

Add this to your Victoria Day long weekend shopping list–Puddle Jumper, an Artisan Hard Cider by Living Sky Winery! Available in 2 growler sizes (500 ml and 1 litre), Puddle Jumper is a fresh, crisp and dry hard cider made entirely of Saskatchewan grown rhubarb. The Cowboy Winemaker himself says Puddle Jumper is best served chilled on a sunlit deck or around a campfire. I'll bet you've never tasted rhubarb so good...or so bubbly!


The May long weekend means garden-planting time for many; support your local growers by getting bedding plants from RFM this year. Fishley Farms, Clay's Plants & Baking (cucumber plants pictured), Kangro Gardening, Over the Hill Orchards, S & S Flowers, and Miller's By-Gone Farm will all have plants (vegetable, fruit and floral) available tomorrow. Asher Designs and Earthy Artisan will have potted plants and garden accessories. Metal garden and lawn ornaments can be found at BarnCat Designs.

Miller's By-Gone Farm is offering plants for the first time! Many are heirloom varieties and they're all started from seed by Pam herself. You'll find tomato, herb, cabbage, cauliflower, and sunflower plants there tomorrow.


Did you know you can buy a cherry tree for your backyard? Saskatoons aren't the only fruit trees grown in Saskatchewan! Over the Hill Orchards has organic Prairie Cherry trees ready to be transplanted. Imagine the cherry pies you could make when cherry season starts in June. Or the jam. Or the juice. Or anything! These cherries might be sour, but they make some pretty sweet treats. 


New vendors, Averlis Foods and Blue Rose Gluten Free, will be attending market for the first time ever! They'll have Indian-spiced peanut dip and a refreshing dessert; and gluten free baking and baking mixes, respectively. Prairie Engraving will be in for their first market of 2016. Bina's Ethnic Foods of Nepal is returning with new products. Sadly, it will be the last market for the The Flour Shoppe as a new baby is expected to arrive shortly. Take a look at the market LIST to see all vendors in attendance and the MAP to see where you can find them.


See you at market and have a pleasant long weekend!