NEW: Market Haul Contest!

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NEW: Market Haul Contest!

I've noticed that social media users love to share what they have purchased at the Market. Customers are so amazed with the high quality products they can find at Regina Farmers' Market. I thought, why not make a contest out of it?

Above you will see an exclusive RFM cloth bag and pin. There are only a few people that actually have some of these! Inside the winning bag you will find a Mystery Item. It will be an item randomly selected at the beginning of the Market by the Marketing Manager!

Here's what you have to do to win:

1) Make sure you like or follow the social media account you want to post you entry on. We have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2) Post a picture of all your Market purchases and use the hashtag #MarketHaul. Make sure you tag us in the photo!

3) If the Mystery Item is amongst them, you might be the winner! Several people could post a picture of the Mystery Item, in that case there will be a randon selection of the winner.

4) If you don't have social media you can come to the RFM Information Booth. We will take a picture of your #MarketHaul for you and post it!

5) If the Mystery Item is not in any of the posts we will carry it over to the next Market.

6) Keep posting! We will carry on the contest throughout the summer with a new Mystery Item each Market.

Good luck and happy local shopping! Ada