Nov. 19 Map & Market News

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Nov. 19 Map & Market News

Shoutout to Floating Gardens for supplying our indoor markets with fresh greens and other greenhouse goodies! Amongst the green leafy veggies, you'll also find deep purple eggplant. Floating Gardens' eggplant is absolutely perfect – rich colour, recognizable shape and unmarked glossy skin. FYI, you can find winter vegetables at Frontier Gardens during indoor markets.


Because it's starting to feel more like winter, I think it's safe to start on holiday crafts. For RFM Kids' Club this week, we're making paper trees with clothespin trunks. The kids' craft table can be found on the lower level during our indoor market season. Crafts are free for all ages and there's a new one every week!

Also located on the lower level are more vendors and Market Meals (hot breakfast and lunch items made with products from our vendors).


You'll find these vendors downstairs tomorrow:

  • Auntie Meme's Cakes

  • Clark's Spices

  • MeeMee's Bites

  • Reem's Kitchen

  • Rousay Station Wool

  • Saltine Baking Co.

  • Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms

  • The Garlic Garden

  • Wheelie Good Coffee

  • ZMZ Smithing

  • Sask Abilities (community group)


This week on the Market Meals menu:

  • Toasted bagel with Prairie Cherry spread...$4.00 (Going with the Grain and Over the Hill Orchards)

  • 6 pork dumplings...$8.00 (Cheang's Sinofood)

  • 6 siu mai dumplings...$8.00 (Cheang's Sinofood)

  • Classic Chinese sticky rice...$6.00 (Cheang's Sinofood)

  • Beer, bacon and cheddar soup with bread...$6.00 (Eat Simply and Saltine Baking Co.)

  • 5 perogies with sausage...$8.00 (Mila's Home Cooking)

  • 2 con carne or vegetarian empanadas with salsa...$8.00 (Latino Bake Shop and Trogi Foods)


HOT BEVERAGES: 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters (upper level), Wheelie Good Coffee (lower level) and Cuppa' T' (both levels).

FRESH PRODUCE: Floating Gardens, Frontier Gardens, Miller's By-Gone Farm, Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms, and The Garlic Garden.

RETURNING VENDORS: Amarah Elizabeth, Amber-Rayne Designs, Auntie Meme's Cakes, Forest Floor Arts, Inspired by Beads, Last Mountain Distillery (WITH CHERRY WHISKY!), MeeMee's Bites, Prairie Engraving, Saltine Baking Co., The Garlic Garden, and Yorkton Bakers.


Not all vendors are mentioned above; see the Vendor LIST for all in attendance. Refer to the Market MAP for vendor locations on the upper and lower levels (2 pages!). FYI, we're looking for volunteers to help out during our indoor season! Click HERE for more information.


Have a great weekend!



2065 Hamilton St.
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Every Saturday until December 17
Free parking at SaskPower