RFM Revamps for Easter Weekend

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RFM Revamps for Easter Weekend

RFM Revamps for Easter Weekend!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter Weekend and hopefully a pleasant visit from the Easter Bunny.

(If you saw our NEW pilot project this week, you may expect a special delivery from the RFM this Saturday too!) 

Checking in: RFM's Online Ordering Platform 

Today is Good Friday, Day #4 of our Online Ordering going LIVE. Traditionally for the RFM this is the day of preparation for our Easter Farmers’ Market. Although we are not preparing for our event-style market, we can assure you our vendors are busy preparing for their first RFM Online Experience! Inevitably, change has become the new normal for us. Of course we are still daydreaming about the day we can safely return to our full event-style markets, but in the meantime we are thrilled to be offering DELIVERY of our market necessities for the FIRST TIME this weekend! 

We are overwhelmed by the positive uptake from both our vendors AND customers adopting this new process to safely receive essential market goods. With out a doubt, we wouldn’t be able to pull this off without our Vendors also agreeing to innovate, grow and adapt to the market.

 A HUGE Thanks to all of our 25 Vendors who took a leap of faith with us and are busy preparing orders for our first delivery tomorrow! 

1) Angela’s Own 

2) Beach Kimchi

3) BarnCat Designs

4) Cheang’s Sinofood

5) Chimney Cakes

6) Cobblestone Farms

7) Crave Kombucha

8) Created Designs Studio

9) Duck Mountain Coffee Roasting Co

10) Floating Gardens

11) Going with the Grain

12) Hillside Food Inc.

13) Howland’s Honey

14) Jenny’s Bow + Meow

15) Miller’s By-Gone Farm

16) Mix Small Batch Granola

17) Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

18) Rock Acres Orchard

19) Sacred Earth Soaps

20) Saskatoon Spruce

21) Stuff Yourself Soup Co

22) Sweet Kingdom

23) The Cookie Lady

24) The Good Dog

25) Zee-bee Honey

+ More we are excited to add for next week! 


Pilot Project: Reflection + Direction

As many of you have seen, this week the RFM announced our pilot project: The RFM Online Ordering Platform. Two weeks ago, we reflected our gift amongst the COVID-19 chaos and cancellations was time. With two weeks time, our tiny but mighty staff of three are pleased to unveil our first week of RFM Online Ordering. We still have a lot to learn (as any big innovation does), and we are excited to continue growing our platform for the long-term vision. Organizing 25 vendors to go live was no small task but we could not be more proud to wish our Regina Community, Happy Easter - with RFM Home Delivery! 

Our Pilot Project Continues into Next Week's Online Ordering - Be Sure to Click the Link Below:

RFM Online Ordering Link

Market Dates:

  • As previously announced, our event-style indoor market tomorrow, April 11 remains cancelled
  • In response, our online platform orders will be delivered tomorrow with all deliveries expected to be received by 5pm. 
  • Remaining Indoor Markets are Cancelled (April 11, 18, 25).

Outdoor Markets:

Our typical shift to Outdoor Markets on the Plaza is the first Saturday of May. This is right around the corner and we wanted to touch base. We are hopeful to return to our regular Outdoor Event-Styled Markets, however, our first priority is safety and flattening the curve. Like everyone else, we do not have a crystal ball to foretell the exact date we will return, however, we can assure you it is our full intention to return to the community as usual - even if it at a LATER date than May 2.

Stay Tuned!