Sept. 10 Map & Feta Cheese!

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Sept. 10 Map & Feta Cheese!

Rennet, culture, salt, and wholesome Saskatchewan sheep milk; that's what's in Craibstone Creamery feta cheese. It's real food made by real people, and it's good for you, too. Many of Craibstone Creamery cheeses are based on Scottish family recipes, but the flavour of each batch may vary. This is a result of the changing diet of the sheep; different grasses subtly affect the flavour of the milk, and therefore, the cheese. Feta fans will be pleased to know that they've got two choices – feta in brine (pictured) or feta in olive oil with garlic.


There must be a chill in the air, because Rousay Station has returned! Rousay Station uses wool from sheep raised on their farm to make bedding, yarn and felted items. As much as we may hate to admit it, summer is ending and fall is next on the list. If you've dared to think ahead to winter, it may be worthwhile to stop by Rousay Station and place an order for a cozy wool-filled duvet or a chunky-knit shawl. Shawls start at $60 and you can choose your favourite shade of hand-dyed yarn! 


Find these vendors on Scarth St. tomorrow:

  • Ally's Specialty Baking

  • Averlis Foods Ltd. (last outdoor market, they'll be back indoors)

  • Clark's Spices

  • Inspired by Beads

  • J9's Tiny Farm

  • Kim's Fresh Fruit

  • Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

  • Prairie Bee Meadery

  • Reem's Kitchen

  • Rousay Station (first outdoor market!)

  • Salsa Fresca

  • Sweet Kingdom

  • Trogi Foods

  • Playing for Change

  • Societe Historique de la Saskatchewan

  • Wa Wa Shrine


Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms will not be able to attend the market tomorrow as planned, because of a recent production problem. Joel wishes to extend a heartfelt apology to any disappointed customers, and promises to be at the market on September 17.

Amarah Elizabeth and Rusty's Wild Rice will each be in new spots on the Plaza tomorrow. Please refer to the Market Map below.



Back in: Clay's Baking, Dressed by Les, Hi Low Angus, Ponderosa Alpaca, Rousay Station, and Wheelie Good Coffee.

Food trucks: Baba's Food Spot, Bon Burger, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie, Nacho Fiesta, Prairie Smoke, and Wheelie Good Coffee.


For all vendors in attendance, see the Vendor LIST. For vendor locations on the Plaza and Scarth St., see the Market MAP.


See you at market!