Sept. 17 Map & Market News

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Sept. 17 Map & Market News

There are now 7 outdoor markets left, including tomorrow. Starting on Saturday, October 15, you'll find us in our indoor location at 2065 Hamilton St. Indoor markets will be every Saturday (no Wednesday markets) from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm until December 17.

It's that time of year when pumpkins adorn the Plaza! When I see bright orange pumpkins against the dull grey of the Plaza, I can't help but stop to snap a few photos. Personally, my favourite part of the pumpkin is the seeds, but what's your favourite part? Is the best part of pumpkin season the carving of jack-o-lanterns? Or cooking the flesh to be used in baking? Or roasting pumpkin as the perfect autumn side dish? Or, like me, toasting and seasoning the seeds for a savoury snack? It's my guess that baking with pumpkin would be the most popular, but I could be surprised. Let us know!


Prune plums are one of the last summer fruits to be in season. Not long after they arrive, Kim's Fresh Fruit will be heading back to BC. Prune plums are ok for fresh eating, but they really shine after they've been dried (into prunes), cooked or baked. Applying heat intensifies the flavour; if you're looking to make plum sauce, juice, jelly, pie, kuchen, etc., this is the plum for you. 


We're getting down to the last few tomato print market t-shirts designed and printed by Articulate Ink in Regina. Sizes left are S, M, L, and XXL. Get one before they're gone!


On Scarth Street: J9's Tiny Farm, Kim's Fresh Fruit, Reem's Kitchen, and Salsa Fresca.

Back in: Asher Designs, MeeMee's Bites, Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, PupCake Bakery, Pure T Organics, Rocky Acres Orchard, and Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms.

Food trucks: Baba's Food Spot, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie, Nacho Fiesta, Prairie Smoke, and Wheelie Good Coffee.


Take a look at the Vendor LIST to see all vendors in attendance and the Market MAP for their locations.


See you at market!