Sept. 24 Map & Indoor Market Countdown!

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Sept. 24 Map & Indoor Market Countdown!

There are only FIVE outdoor markets left until we move indoors for the rest of October, November and part of December! Here are the remaining outdoor markets on City Square Plaza:

  • Sat., Sept. 24

  • Wed., Sept. 28

  • Sat., Oct. 1

  • Wed., Oct. 5

  • Sat., Oct. 8

There will be NO MARKET on Wednesday, Oct. 12! Starting on October 15, you'll find the market every saturday at the Shrine Centre (2065 Hamilton St.). Indoor market times are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and there will be no Wednesday markets.

We're excited about indoor markets this year and trying new things! Stay tuned for announcements and Facebook contests!


Flint corn (or Indian corn) is iconic of the harvest season. These days, it's most commonly seen gracing tables as Thanksgiving centrepiece decor or as part of other autumnal vignettes. Many believe it to be strictly decorative, but did you know it's actually edible? This sturdy corn can be ground into flour and used to make things such as polenta or cornbread. Visit Lincoln Gardens to get your own colourful corn cobs!


Shown here is our blacksmith, Zach of ZMZ Smithing, sharpening a knife during a Saturday market. You might be thinking, I have one of those honing steels at home, why do I need to have my knife sharpened? Well, a honing steel is for honing not sharpening, and there's a difference. As a result of regular use, your knife blade may not actually be as straight as it once was. Honing a knife realigns the blade, making it seem sharper. Sharpening means that pieces of the blade are actually being removed in order to create a new edge. 

If your knife doesn't cut through a ripe tomato like butter, it may need to be honed and/or sharpened. ZMZ Smithing can take care of the sharpening for you during the market tomorrow. If it's a pair of scissors or another sharp tool that has gotten dull, ZMZ Smithing can sharpen those, too!


Despite rain in the forecast, tomorrow's market will proceed as usual. Please see the Vendor LIST for all in attendance and the Market MAP for their locations.


See you at rubber boots!