Sept. 3 Map & Squash Sightings!

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Sept. 3 Map & Squash Sightings!

There were a couple of pre-September squash sightings (as far back as August 27), but I wasn't quite ready to talk about them. Now that our first September market is here, I guess it's time. Pattypan squash and pumpkins were spotted at Miller's By-Gone Farm. Spring Creek Gardens and Lincoln Gardens were seen with Spaghetti, Buttercup and Orange Cutie squash. Most of our veggie producers will have all kinds of squash tomorrow or in the very near future. Smile, you're on squash-cam!


Here, we have a rare glimpse of a person finally getting a fix after a period of prolonged "real bread withdrawal". To protect the identity of our subject, we'll refer to her as "Subject Lexi". Subject Lexi used to buy Saltine Baking Co. bread every Wednesday and Saturday at market. Saltine Baking Co. had other commitments and a recent addition to the family, which resulted in Saturday only attendance in 2016. Then, Saltine Baking Co. skipped a Saturday market (the nerve!) disrupting Subject Lexi's weekly consumption of real bread. Tomorrow, Saltine Baking Co. is back! I expect to see those of you in real bread withdrawal (including Subject Lexi) in line at 9:00 am sharp for a hit of freshly baked bread.


Tomorrow's market will be the last of the season for Belle Plaine Colony. It's always sad when they go, because Belle Plaine has some of the best looking (and tasting) produce at the market. Martha is very particular about which veggies make the cut and how they're displayed on the table. The carefully curated selection makes for consistently happy customers. Stop by to wish Frankie, Martha and all the others a wonderful winter! We already miss them :(


Martha's Garden is back with Mouse Melons galore! These little guys (also known as Mexican Sour Gherkins) seem to fly off the table; they're so adorably hard to resist. If you haven't tried them yet, they're highly recommended. The skins are a bit thicker than other cucumbers and they taste sour, kind of like cucumber with lime. I'd like to try pickling them, but they disappear so quickly!


On Scarth St. tomorrow:

  • Ally's Specialty Baking

  • Averlis Foods

  • Belle Plaine Colony (LAST MARKET!) 

  • J9's Tiny Farm

  • Kim's Fresh Fruit

  • Loretta's Distinctive Jewellery

  • Martha's Garden 

  • Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

  • Prairie Bee Meadery

  • Reem's Kitchen

  • Salsa Fresca

  • Sweet Kingdom

  • Trogi Foods

  • Societe Historique de la Saskatchewan

  • Wa Wa Shrine


Back in: Averlis Foods, BarnCat Designs, Martha's Garden, MeeMee's Bites (NEW perogy vendor!), Reem's Kitchen, and Saltine Baking Co.

Food trucks: Baba's Food Spot, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie, Nacho Fiesta, and Prairie Smoke.


Not all vendors in attendance are listed above, please see the complete Vendor LIST. View the Market MAP for vendor locations on City Square Plaza and Scarth St.


See you at market!