Street Beet June 1st, 2013: New vendors, food trucks, and BIG Markets!

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Street Beet June 1st, 2013: New vendors, food trucks, and BIG Markets!

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I posted. It has been busy. We have a new Application committee that met with wonderful future vendors for our Market, we have been working on new branding, launched a twitter account @MarketRegina, and just generally been working! So let's get to the report...

New vendors! And Food Trucks too! Above are some beautiful pictures by my lovely Assistant Deidre Kitsch. Our new vendor is Soup...simply. She sells 20 varieties of homemade, frozen, ready to go soups. Varities like Mulligatawny, Coconut Curry, Split Pea, Curry Lentil, Roasted Tomato Basil, Corn Chowder to name a few. The Application Committee was cleaning out their bowls to the last drop. So good, Soup...amazing!

Trogi Salsa makes the most delicious salsa you will taste. They have been making it for their friends for 20 years! Now they can make it for some new Market friends. We instantly said yes as soon as we tasted it!

And food trucks, what can I say? They ran out of food on Wednesday. The food was so good and the crowds nice and thick. Today we will have Salsa Fresca, Sassy Cafe, Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ, Grillbilly BBQ, and Rock a Grill. These food trucks are integral to our success, they offer you, the consumer, something to eat and drink while you're at the Market.

Markets these days are record breaking. In my 6 1/2 years as Manager I have never seen Markets like these. Regina has been showing their love to us the last month. This Market today has over 60 spots! That's the biggest we have ever been. It is a sign of things to come this year. You can easily expect to see over 80 at most Markets in the summer. The variety of high quality products you will see will amazing! That's all for now. Just wait until you see the big changes we have in store for you this year! Ada