Street Beets August 14th, 2013: A Long Awaited Word

Street Beets August 14th, 2013: A Long Awaited Word

Hello everyone! First, can I say Record Breaker? Today we have over 70 spots filled at the Market! I get all aflutter when I deal with over 60. Dee (the Assistant Manager) and I will be putting out way more numbers today than in the history of RFM never. I feel so thankful that the vendors having gotten used to the routine. I suppose it helps that their spot is generally the same or close to it. Second, the variety of goods out there today is stunning. RFM should be so proud, especially the Application Committee and Board of Directors. We are making this Market the place to be for high quality local goods!


Third, what follows is a long awaited commentary from our new friend Anurag Gupta. He is downright funny, sarcastic, and worth a follow if you can handle hilarity. I am pleased with what he said, but I must put a disclaimer: no pickpockets at Market! Here's the write up our Busker of Hugs did for us!

I have a confession to make. As someone who recently moved to Regina, I had my apprehensions when I read about a farmers’ market being set up this year. I don’t know if the apprehensions were due to all the stereotypical crowded, dirty, bargain-till-you-drop markets from Asia and Europe that are seen in the movies as prime spots for pickpockets, or due to all the stereotypical family-based, family-oriented market customers that are seen in TV sitcoms. The first time I went there it was more out of sheer curiosity than anything else, to observe what the whole “eat local” fad is all about, and hopefully, to confirm that my street ways on avoiding pickpockets are intact even in the Queen City. The whole idea was to check what all stuff is out there, and hopefully pick up some tomatoes, since you know, you gott’a have tomatoes!

I have to admit that claiming a visit to the market to be a life-changing experience would be an overstatement. It wasn’t. However, it did offer some of the best locally grown produce I could look for. It did offer probably the best locally prepared baked goods and wine. What it offered the most, or rather what I valued the most amongst everything on offer, was the genuine warmth of being a part of the community, walking over to the market every Saturday morning, with a green bag tucked in, meeting new people, making new friends, and realizing that this city is now becoming my city.

As I started returning to the market week after week, being there almost every Saturday and missing almost every Wednesday, I’ve made some good friends, learnt about some unique culinary delights that Saskatchewan has to offer, and learnt to respect, even more, the patience, friendliness and courtesy that our community stands for. From sumptuous cherry pies to ambrosial sugar free almond breads, from copious Apple wines to delightful tacos, from fantastic soups to chocolate honeys, the taste buds were treated to something fresh and hearty every single visit.

The hospitality of the vendors, the energy of Ada and Dee, and the sheer joy of finally being able to come out of hibernation after a “lovely” winter have amalgamated this year to bring a very successful, high-quality market this year. I am so glad I was out of tomatoes that fateful Saturday in May!

Thank you Anurag! We love you! Ada