Street Beets August 15th, 2015: Sandwiches, Tomatillos and Vendor Map

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Street Beets August 15th, 2015: Sandwiches, Tomatillos and Vendor Map

The title "Soup...simply" may lead you to believe that this food truck sells only soup. Not so! Shelly makes homemade salads, sandwiches and wraps as well. Her Italian sandwich (pictured) features homemade pesto with basil from Floating Gardens. The sandwiches are assembled the night before Market to allow flavours to marry. Now that you're informed, get over to Soup...simply for a sandwich! Shelly will have more available on Wednesday.

There was an exciting day, back at the City Hall Markets, when Heliotrope Organic Farm introduced tomatillos to the people of RFM. Rick gave me a bag holding a few tomatillos, a white onion, a bundle of cilantro, and a couple of jalapeños. "Here, make salsa verde," he said. "Don't forget to add salt." And I was hooked.

Tomatillos are a Mexican tomato with a papery husk. They can be eaten fresh or cooked and are fantastically tart. Green, yellow, red, and purple varieties exist. The most common dish utilizing tomatillos is, of course,  salsa verde. Pictured here are tomatillos from Rocky Acres Orchard.

This Market is going to be huge! The Plaza will be packed with vendors and the Market will wrap around nearly half way down Scarth St. as well. Mother Hubbard's Cupboard and Prairie Smoke are in. Rosie the Flower Truck is in for her first Saturday. Find Beyond Naturals and Nosh Artisan Edibles on Scarth St.

CLICK HERE to view Vendor Map. Zoom in to read vendor names.

See you at Market!