Street Beets August 8th, 2015: Squash Blossoms, Corn and Map during Folk Fest

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Street Beets August 8th, 2015: Squash Blossoms, Corn and Map during Folk Fest

Squash Blossoms. Such a delicacy, with such a short season. Have you ever had them? If not, they taste like a gentler version of zucchini or squash. They can be stuffed with soft cheese, battered and fried, pickled, or chopped and added to recipes. Hosting a dinner party? There's no better way to impress your guests! Release your inner chef!

This specialty item is available from only one vendor, Rocky Acres Orchard, BY ORDER ONLY. Please contact Ledeen by phone if you're interested - (306) 535-1974. She will pick the blossoms early in the morning and they are best eaten the same day.

Corn on the cob is here and RFM is the best place to get it! Corn is the most fresh, crisp, sweet, and flavourful when eaten within 24 hours of picking. After that, it tends to get tough and starchy, regardless of refrigeration. Our vendors pick corn the morning of or the night before the Market, ensuring that you get the freshest corn possible.

This photo shows corn from Spring Creek Gardens, but it's also available at Rocky Acres Orchard. As it ripens in different areas in coming weeks, almost all of our veggie producers will have it on their tables as well.

There are many different methods for cooking corn on the cob. It can be steamed, boiled, grilled with husks on, grilled with husks off, etc. It can then be served in a variety of ways, with the most common likely being with butter and salt. What do YOU think is the best way to have corn on the cob??

PLEASE BE REMINDED: Because of the Regina Folk Festival on Saturday, August 8th, 2015, RFM will be located on Scarth St. between 12th Ave. and 13th Ave.


CLICK HERE for the Vendor Map. Zoom in to see vendor names. The Flour Shop is not in attendance, but Metal Majesty is in with a new product. Dressed by Les and Rusty's Wild Rice are both in. Earthy Artisan is back from holidays. Many of our food trucks will be at the Folk Festival this Saturday, but Bon Burger will be at the Market to serve you.

You can find the RFM Info Booth on Scarth St. across from Amy's Winehouse. See you at the Market!