Street Beets Dec. 5, 2015: Market Map, RFM Kids' Club & Biggest Indoor Market Yet!

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Street Beets Dec. 5, 2015: Market Map, RFM Kids' Club & Biggest Indoor Market Yet!

It sure doesn't look like Christmas, but it's getting closer, nonetheless. If you're looking for local gifts for your friends and family, many vendors have gift baskets already made up. You can find this lovely gift basket at the Scandinavian Sweethearts table. 


Tomorrow will be the biggest Indoor Market, so far, with 43 vendors! There are quite a few vendors returning this week after missing one or more Indoor Markets. This is a busy time of year for many of our vendors, and we're happy that they've found the time to attend. Unfortunately, Ally's Specialty Baking had to cancel and will not be in attendance, as previously advertised. Get ready to see these awesome vendors:

  • Hi Low Angus

  • Last Mountain Distillery

  • Lorraine's Kitchen

  • Miller's By-Gone Farm

  • Prairie Engraving

  • Pusch Bros.

  • Rousay Station

  • Rusty's Wild Rice

  • The Cookie Lady

  • The Flour Shoppe

  • The Garlic Garden

  • Yorkton Bakers


The Market is so big this week that we ran out of room on the floor for RFM Kids' Club! Don't worry - the craft table will have a special place on the stage. You can find the stairs to the stage down the hall beside 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters. This week, children big and small will be making a Christmas craft with chalk and black paper. All children are welcome and the craft is free!

It will be the last Market of 2015 for Earthy Artisan. If you're looking for a unique gift, now is the time to get it! Earthy Artisan will have an assortment of hypertufa pots and holiday arrangements. He'll also have these new little guys called "Tufa Toodles".


CLICK HERE to view the Market Map. After tomorrow, there are only 2 Markets left in 2015! As usual, hot coffee will be served at 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters and hot tea at Cuppa T'. Frontier Gardens, Floating Gardens and Pusch Bros. will be providing fresh veggies. There is an ATM in the building for your convenience. Market will be at 2065 Hamilton St. from 9 am to 1 pm.


See you there!