Street Beets July 10th, 2013: Bread, vegetables, and no rain!

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Street Beets July 10th, 2013: Bread, vegetables, and no rain!

Obviously, I am going to write about no rain today. Yay! I got so soaked on Saturday morning. It was dripping in my eyes. Thank goodness Rock a Grill took mercy on me and gave me a raincoat. I forgot the lessons I learnt from Ed Schropp. Carry everything from shorts to ski doo suits, one time he said he even wore them all in one Market. It is still unbelievable to me how the weather can change to such extremes in a 6 hour period. By 10:15 it stopped raining, I Love Regina Day was cancelled however due to a soggy park. Then it got warm and was a really nice day!

So, other things to report! Vegetables are coming in on time. I was a bit worried earlier in the season as everything was planted late. Baby carrots will make their appearance today at the Spring Creek Gardens booth. Already in season are baby beets with tops, peas, baby potatoes, green onion, radish, lettuces, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi (did I spell that right? I should know these things!), red and yellow cherry tomatoes, Japanese eggplants, dill weed. That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

The big news for Market is the work we have been doing behind the scenes to grow the RFM. The Application Committee has been interviewing our next great vendors, expecting professionalism and high quality local goods. We have brought on 7 food trucks, all talented chefs! Expect to see mushrooms, gluten free cake mixes, bath products, a new greenhouse for year round veggies, tea infused ice cream, cut flowers, and now bread!


Orange Boot Bakery is a small institution in our city. Bread made over three days shows and tastes amazing. We were so impressed when we met with this vendor, there was no question he would be a success at Market. And provide artisanal breads to the Market. I am willing to bet that many Regina homes will have Orange Boot bread on their table tonight! Mark plans to make special breads that will sell only at the Market. Do you see that pretzel? Awesome! Hope to see you at City Square Plaza Wednesdays and Saturdays 9 to 1. If you ever need a tour contact me on twitter @MarketRegina and while you are at it follow us! Ada