Street Beets July 21st, 2015: Cherry Trees, Cold Brew Coffee, and Vendor Map!

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Street Beets July 21st, 2015: Cherry Trees, Cold Brew Coffee, and Vendor Map!

I love 331/3 Roasted Coffee cold brewed coffee for my Market pick me up! Eric brews this coffee cold for 24 hours. Cold water is poured over the grounds (which of course, are from carefully selected and hand roasted beans), and left chilled for 24 hours. The brew is a great mid strength and refreshing! It is packaged in these individual cups and frozen, ready for Market. It has been so hot out, it's nice to get my caffeine and cool down too. Only $3, he provides sugar and cream to your liking. You can usuallyfind Eric from 331/3 Roasted Coffee on the Plaza getting closer to Lorne Street. While you are there get some fresh roasted coffee beans too!

Want to buy a Saskatchewan ready Sour Cherry Tree of your own? Go to the Over the Hill Orchards booth. They have cherry trees for sale! They have 2,3,4 year old trees. The cherries on this one are small as it is still a young tree, but in two years it will have heavier cherries. Dean Kreutzer has worked with the University of Regina to discover tree varieties that can withstand the shorter growing season and cold winters of Saskatchewan. So red!

Yes, there are still lots of peas. I love the colourful buckets of Lincoln Gardens. You put your head over the side to see what produce is inside! Lincoln Gardens sells per pound. Get them while they are fresh! Peas are technically a fruit as they contain seeds and develop from an ovary of a flower. Peas are starchy, but high in fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and lutein. Yummy and good for you!

Looks like a great Wednesday Market tomorrow! Here is the PDF of our map. You can zoom in on this to get a better look at the booth names. After the success of certain food items at the Market under the Stars, the food trucks have decided to make them permanent on their menus. This is a great idea, Iam glad to see that their customers enjoyed trying new foods! Here is the winner of the Taste Award, Bon Burger. It was her first time to present at the Market under the Stars. She made awesome Hi Low Angus Sliders with Salayview Goat Cheese and Tzatziki Fries made with Waldeck Colony Cucumbers. Great job Shirley!