Street Beets June 16th, 2015: Good, Healthy, and Yummy!

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Street Beets June 16th, 2015: Good, Healthy, and Yummy!

Pictured here are wonderful farm mustards from Scandinavian Sweethearts. They source the mustard seed from a neighbouring farmer and the ingredients from their own garden or the Market vendors. There are some excellent flavours for any type of meat, sauce, marinade or sandwich you could put it on. They make Stout, Rhubarb, Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Honey Dill, Herb just to name a few. I mix it with mayonnaise for an aioli for wraps and fondue sauce. Love these products from our Viking friend Synde!

I just wanted to thank you all for coming out to the Market on Saturday. We were back on 1900 and 2000 Blocks of Scarth Street. It was deja vu for me! I had forgotten what it was like to have Market there. A little more intimate, lots more windy in front of the Twin Towers. Pile O' Bones BBQ had a successful event. The food trucks were out in full force this weekend for the event. I guess they like it as seven of them will be at Market tomorrow. 

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Back for their first time in 2015 is Beak's Chicken. I bet you missed them right? Miller's By Gone Farm has moved to Wednesdays now that the Fort Qu'Appelle Market has started. She is the main carrier of farm raised meats, so stock up until next week! Heliotrope Organic Farm will be back in tomorrow as well. For tomorrow's Vendor Map please CLICK HERE!Depending on your PDF Reader you can increase the size or zoom in to get a better look at the vendor names. See you at the Market! Ada