Street Beets March 28th, 2015: Vendor map & Musings of a Manager

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Street Beets March 28th, 2015: Vendor map & Musings of a Manager

I haven't been online much this week. There has been some meeting preparations! Not much Social Media work. This about to change a great deal. I will be taking over my role as Marketing Manager soon. It'll be nice to use my creative mind a bit more. A new Operations Manager will start at the Market next week. I'll still be around at Market taking pictures and doing social media so please still drop in and say hello!

I think back to what I knew in 2007 when I became the Manager. I have learned so much! The Market has grown so much. Our space has changed from one block to several blocks. Our popularity has skyrocketed. I have had the honour of growing and changing with the Market. I have a husband now, when before I was single mom. Today as I write this I am expecting a baby. I crave lots of Market food lately! I wish the same smile on our new Manager's face when she thinks back over her time with us. I want it to be as fulfilling and exciting an experience as I've had. I can't wait to work together with this amazing person to bring this Market to even greater heights than ever before!

Remember you only have tomorrow and next Saturday to get farm eggs for Easter. If you look on our Facebook Page you'll find lots of ideas for decorating them! Please find the map for tomorrow's Market here. Miller's By Gone Farm reports she has picked up her beef, she'll have lots at the Market tomorrow. Soup...simply will be out tomorrow. RDeez Treat and Eats are back with their Jordanian Baking. Yorkton Bakers are atending their first Market tomorrow with a big selections of baking. Hope to see you at 2065 Hamilton Street, 9am to 1pm, free parking at SaskPower across the street. Thanks everyone. Ada

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