Street Beets May 26th, 2015: Kid's Fun and Early Veggies

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Street Beets May 26th, 2015: Kid's Fun and Early Veggies

In the picture above you can see Yoyo balloons from Hoops n' Things. It is a company that specializes in toys. Run by Angela from Angela's Own Homestyle, you can find her booth nearer Lorne Street on the Plaza. She uses only high quality goods to make her yoyos, so they will be long lasting and provide lots of fun for your kids! I played with them once. They are softer and a bit nicer to handle than a hard yoyo. Ask her to demonstrate, Angela is expert at it!

Speaking of kids having fun...are you ready? RFM Kid's Club is back this weekend! Our partners WAWA Shriners have kindly taken over the booth every Saturday until it gets too cold out to run them anymore! They will have facepainting, mini cars to take your picture in, chalking on the Plaza, and maybe some bubbles too! RFM Kid's Club will not run in questionable weather due to not wanting to damage the tent!

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I have been talking about greenhouses. This time of year they are highly important, the ones we have are so amazing! Thank you Floating Gardens and Kangro Gardening for coming in early and providing such perfect products. They are both in tomorrow, and yes they both have tomatoes! Kangro has Kale and Swiss Chard, Floating Gardens has a wide selection of herbs and greens. Don Mitchell is in with tomato plants to grow on your own, Clay's Plant World has a good selection of hanging flower baskets and do it yourself seedlings. Heliotrope Organic Farms is in with spinich and asparagus. We used both last week. So excellent! Here is your Wednesday Vendor Map! I am hearing that lots more people are actually reading this blog. Thank you for making the writing of it worthwhile! As we go along further into the season I can see this map being a great tool for customers to check if their vendors are in. Ada