Street Beets News and a Customer Perspective

Street Beets News and a Customer Perspective

Ah Basil! My friend! I got some from Pusch Brothers. The smell filled my new fridge (long story, my two year old fridge leaked freon). So here I go chopping... So today Lincoln Gardens is in for their first Market. Cedar Creek will be in with small herb gardens. Eat Healthy Foods is in with their organic curry cart. It is also the first Market for a new Body Products vendor. Grillbilly BBQ is going on vacation after this Market so get your pig candy while you can. In other news the BC Fruit truck will make their first appearance on July 17th, 2013. I made friends with this wonderful man on twitter who is a vegan. He had contacted me to find out who had vegan bread. I took him for a tour at the Market to find some. He was the happiest guy I ever saw when he was at the Orange Boot Bakery booth on Wednesday. Vegan means absolutely no animal products, for him not even honey from bees. Here is what he has to say about Market. Thanks James!

     Every year I look forward to the opening of the farmer’s market like a kid looks forward to Christmas. As soon as the birds are chirping, I know it won’t be long.

     I was extra anxious this year because I had to wait so much longer, but it was totally worth it. There are so many more vendors this year that the Market seems to go on forever. It takes up nearly the whole plaza, and then some.

     I started this year with three new goals, eat healthier, (still workin’ on that one), shift from vegetarian to vegan, (not as easy as I’d thought), and to eat as much locally produced food as possible That is, food that’s produced ideally within 100 miles of Regina.

     The Farmer’s Market makes all three of my goals easier to achieve.

     The hardest part of becoming vegan for me was the thought of not being able to eat bread. Ok, I’m lying, it was giving up pizza, but bread was a close second. How can you make bread without milk or eggs?  I assumed I was destined for a life of salad and water. Boy was I wrong! Almost every food vendor has locally produced selections for various diets. Gluten free, vegan, organic, you name it. And best of all vegan bread! No kidding! And no, it doesn’t taste like sawdust. Orange Boot Bakery sells birdseed bread. I know, I know, but you gotta try it, it really is good, especially with some fresh market jam.

     Look, you aren’t going to get the full Market experience unless you go there yourself.  There’s so much more than what I’ve talked about here, there really is something for everyone, and at the very least, you get out for a walk on a warm summer’s day. After the winter we’ve all been through, don’t you deserve at least that?

~James Park

Thanks James for writing this for us! Hope to see you and the rest of Regina at City Sqaure, 9 to 1 today! Ada