Street Beets Oct. 24, 2015: Market Map, Hallowe'en Treats & Kids' Club

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Street Beets Oct. 24, 2015: Market Map, Hallowe'en Treats & Kids' Club

Hallowe’en is coming and so is all of the candy that comes with it. If you’re looking for a healthier option for your kids (or yourself), look no further than Nosh Artisan Edibles. Holly has added naturally-sweetened Hallowe’en treats to her line up after a very successful introductory summer with Grassfed Gummies (gummy candies made with grass-fed beef gelatin and fresh fruit juices). The new treats include caramel apples (pictured), caramel corn, raw strawberry liquorice, and grass-fed gelatin marshmallows. Instead of sugar or sugar substitutes, these treats are sweetened with honey, dates or pure maple syrup. Stop by Nosh Artisan Edibles tomorrow to pre-order your naturally-sweetened Hallowe’en treats!


RFM Kids’ Club is returning tomorrow! Every Saturday, kids visiting the Market can stop by the Kids’ Club table to participate in an activity - for FREE! There will be something different every week. Occasionally, there will be a new host, such as Regina Downtown BID and The Flour Shoppe! I bet The Flour Shoppe will have a very tasty activity...


CLICK HERE to view the Market Map. 39 vendors will be waiting for you indoors at 2065 Hamilton Street! Market is open from 9 am to 1 pm, as usual. For vegetables, we'll have Floating Gardens, Heliotrope and Frontier Gardens. Pusch Bros. may have some tomatoes and cucumbers as well. We'll also have a few vendors that haven't been at Market for most of the summer: Lorraine's Kitchen, Gladys Friesen, Rousay Station, BarnCat Designs, and Dressed by Les. Cuppa T' has left the tea-infused ice cream behind with the summer, and instead has tea-infused fudge. Eggs will be available at Miller's By-Gone Farm, Salayview Farm, Ponderosa Alpacas, and the Scandinavian Sweethearts.


See you at Market!