Street Beets Sept. 26, 2015: 5 OUTDOOR MARKETS LEFT, Market Map & Summer Gems

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Street Beets Sept. 26, 2015: 5 OUTDOOR MARKETS LEFT, Market Map & Summer Gems

At the first Market in March, it seems unfathomable that the last day of summer - and shortly after, the last outdoor Market - will come at all. And yet, it happens every year; the summer melts away before any of us have a chance to grasp it. Now, there are exactly five outdoor Markets left in 2015. FIVE! It's unbelievable, I know, but our warmer, cozier home at 2065 Hamilton St. will be ready for us on October 17th. Before we know it, December 19th will pop up out of nowhere and the Market will hibernate. But only until March; the month in which we swear the end of summer will never arrive...


If you're on top of things when the season changes, it's possible to preserve the fleeting flavour of summer. In fact, a few of our vendors have been hard at work doing just that. Upon visiting the tables belonging to the Scandinavian Sweethearts, Over the Hill Orchards, Miller's By-Gone Farm, or Rocky Acres Orchard, you'll see dozens of fat, jewel-like jars arranged neatly and awash with colour. These Saskatchewan grown fruits and veggies turned multifaceted, are all the more precious in the dead of winter. 

Pictured: Spicy "Wedgies" and pickled garlic scapes from the Scandinavian Sweethearts

CLICK HERE to view the Market Map. Sadly, tomorrow will be the last market for Trogi Foods, PixieWinkle Jewelry, Clay's Plants & Baking, and Rebellion Brewing (most likely). It is however, the FIRST market for BarnCat Designs! Please stop by and welcome Rod back to the Market. Rousay Station, Hi Low Angus and Martha's Garden are in attendance. Soup Simply is back from a well-deserved break. Including Soup Simply, food trucks on the Plaza will be: Nacho Fiesta, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie and Bon Burger.

See you at Market!