Street Beets Sept. 23, 2015: Market Map, Dragonscale & The Very Berry Bun Company

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Street Beets Sept. 23, 2015: Market Map, Dragonscale & The Very Berry Bun Company

You're looking at 630 stainless steel rings and 130 titanium scales, a.k.a. a dragonscale choker. Jennifer, from Metal Majesty, spent 5 hours meticulously interlocking said 760 pieces. She also torched the scales to give them an iridescent quality.

What's the purpose of scales, anyway; do they just look pretty? Actually, once upon a time, it was found that scales deflected weapons more successfully than just chainmaille. While wearing this choker, you'll feel beautiful as well as incredibly safe, should any arrows be directed at the small space exactly under the know, just in case.

When a vendor makes only a few products, you know they make them well. The Very Berry Bun Company is one such vendor. On their table, you'll find cinnamon buns, pizza buns, saskatoon and cranberry scones, puffed wheat cake, fruit smoothies, and most importantly, saskatoon berry cinnamon buns. And that's it. If you're an early morning market-goer, you'll often find the cinnamon buns still warm, having been pulled from the oven shortly before arriving at the Market. Because The Very Berry Bun Company offers little variety, you can be sure they're big on quality. I promise you won't be disappointed!

CLICK HERE to view the Market Map. What's for lunch tomorrow? Allow me to list the food trucks: Nacho Fiesta, Bon Burger, Prairie Smoke, and Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie. Golden Prairie Wild Boar and Name Your Nuts will not be in attendance tomorrow. Neither will SalayView Farm, as they now attend only on Saturdays. The Yorkton Bakers, Rusty's Wild Rice, The Garlic Garden, and Dressed by Les will all be ready and waiting for you on the Plaza tomorrow. 

See you at Market!